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Ten Commandments for feeding Cattle

  • Plant green feed, include green feed in the straw ration (leaves and banana trunks)
  • Feed as much as the animal can eat (both straw and green feed)
  • Mineral feeding is essential. Do Not forget to feed common salt and water
  • Concentrate feeding is required according to production level.
  • Obtain and treat only good quality straw (dry, clean, no moulds)
  • Buy and store enough straw when easily available. Stack the straw well.
  • Treat the straw according to the recommendations and keep the stack/clamp airtight to avoid moulds.
  • If you do not have enough feed, consider alternatives like silage or selling excess animals, e.g. Young bulls and sick animals.
  • Keep the best quality feed for animals with the greatest need (e.g. calves and high producers).
  • Always consider the economics, even if production increases it may be at the expense of more costly inputs, which are not always warranted.

Treating Straws with Urea

Table 1: Standard conditions for urea-ammoniation of commonly available cereal straws

Straw required Urea needed/100 kg straw (kg) Quantity of water to be added (Lt) Minimum time for incubation (days)
Paddy straw 4 85 10
Jowar straw 4 50 14
Bajra straw 4 35 20
Maize straw 4 50 14
Korra straw 4 30 30

Calving Index For Cows

Date of Service

Image of Calving Index For Cows

Note:- The number of days added to both dates will give the expected delivery date e.g. date of service is 10th January, expected delivery date would be 17th October