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Statistical Cell


Out of the above, one Statistical Inspector and two primary enumerators are working in the regional office at Karaikal and the administrative control is vested with the Joint Director of the Animal Husbandry Department, Karaikal. The statistical data in respect of outlying regions Mahe is collected by these staff and for Yanam region datas are collected by the staff of head quarter through survey and correspondence as there is no statistical unit functioning in Mahe and Yanam regions. The Animal Husbandry Statistics Unit at the headquarters collects and compiles the data of the estimates of production and other livestock statistics through liaison with this regional unit and the veterinary institutions. The information thus received is analyzed and the consolidated report is furnished to various agencies as and when required by them regularly. The following works are attended by the Statistical Unit:

  1. 1. Estimation of livestock products (Milk, Egg & Meat)

    Livestock products are estimated on the basis of sample surveys being conducted throughout the year under the scheme of Integrated Sample Survey for the estimation of major livestock products. The scheme is being implemented in this Union Territory since 1980-81 under the guidance of the Technical Committee of Directions for improvement of Animal Husbandry and Dairying Statistics. Besides production estimates of milk, meat, and egg, other related statistics like feed consumption, utilization of products, etc. are also collected and compiled and this information is analyzed and communicated to the Government of India regularly in the seasonal/annual reports.
  2. 2. The sale price of livestock feeds and products

    The retail price of various feeds and livestock products in selected centers are collected every month in Puducherry and Karaikal regions and the information thus collected is furnished to various required Government Agencies.
  3. 3. Collection of data from Co-operative Milk Unions

    There are two urban milk supply unions, one at Puducherry and the other at Karaikal for marketing milk. These unions collect milk produced from the primary societies in the regions and distribute the same in urban areas both in the morning and evening. Monthly reports from these two societies are collected and the details like milk procured etc are furnished to the Government as and when called for.
  4. 4. Animals slaughtered in Municipal Slaughter Houses

    The slaughterhouses both in Puducherry and Karaikal regions are under the control of respective municipalities. The details of animals slaughtered in these places are regularly collected every month and the consolidated result is utilized for arriving at the total meat production in this Union Territory.
  5. 5. Details of livestock transaction in the shandy

    The regular cattle market is held every week at Madagadipet village. The details of the number of animals arrived/sold and sale price of the cattle are regularly collected and the consolidated report is sent to the Government of India on every quarter.
  6. 6. Data on veterinary aid provided by field institutions

    A network of veterinary institutions in this Union Territory is providing treatment and vaccination to the livestock and poultry. These details are collected every month from all the field institutions and the same is consolidated and furnished to the Government regularly.
  7. 7. Collection of livestock mortality data

    Every year data on livestock mortality due to contagious and other diseases for bovines, sheep & goats, and poultry are collected and the same is sent to the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Puducherry to incorporate the same in the publication “Abstract of Statistics”.
  8. 8. Annual Census of Government Employees

    The total number of employees working in this Department as on 31st March of every year and other related characteristics of employment is collected and is sent to Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Puducherry...