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Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

Joint Director (AH) – Animal Husbandry

  • Function as Head of office and overall incharge of Establishment and Account’s section of the Department.
  • Incharge of all the buildings in the Department and the campus of Animal Husbandry Department and he shall arrange the periodical maintenance.
  • Countersign the contingent Bills, rent bills of Telephone bills and assign works to Ministerial Staff.

Joint Director (Calf Rearing)

  • Implementation of Calf rearing Scheme supply of Calf feed and cattle feed to farmers at subsidized rates.
  • RKVY- Stall fed Goat Farm scheme
  • Distribution of a Unit of 5 female goats and a male goat to Below Poverty Line Scheduled Caste Beneficiaries at Free of Cost scheme.
  • Distribution of One Milch Cow to BPL (SC) Woman Head of Family at Free of Cost Scheme.
  • Nodal Officer of National Livestock Mission.
  • NLM-Risk Management and Insurance.
  • Nodal Officer for Disaster Management during Natural Calamities.

Joint Director (Cattle Development)

  • Incharge of Cattle Development Programme and Infertility Control Schemes of Livestock.
  • Collect application forms from farmers and select them for Distribution and Development of Sheep and Goat Schemes.
  • Nodal Officer for SCSP Schemes.
  • Incharge of Fodder Development in U.T of Puducherry.
  • Incharge of selection of subsidy of Improved Cattle Shed Schemes.

Joint Director (Animal Disease Surveillance)

  • Incharge for Surveillance of Communicable Disease and Specific Infections and follow up. Responsible for arrangement of study and record the Epidemiology of Disease.
  • Take appropriate action for notification of disease in Epidemics and arrive at Diagnosis and arrange Vaccination.
  • Incharge of Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccination.
  • Liaison Officer for Epidemic with Government of India Agencies.

Joint Director (Livestock Production)

  • Incharge of Cross Breeding Programme and supply of required inputs for the Programme.
  • Look after the Conduct of Calf Rallies under Key Village Schemes.
  • Responsible for supply of Medicines Frozen Semen and other stock to KVC Block and key Village Units. Overall incharge of Key Village Units in UT of Puducherry.
  • Incharge for Procurement of Frozen Semen and Liquid Nitrogen and |Control of Frozen Semen Bank.
  • Incharge for settle of Assistance to Farmers Under “Assistance to uninsured animal scheme”.

Joint Director (Rinderpest Eradication Scheme)

  • Incharge for monitoring any new outbreaks of Rinderpest Disease by Utilizing the Border Check Post.
  • Incharge and Conduct of Cattle Shows, Poultry Shows and Dog Shows.
  • Incharge of extension wing of the Department. Arranging Tableau during National Important Days.
  • Incharge for Notification of Events by Press release, TV Network

Joint Director (Livestock Health)

  • Overall Incharge of all the veterinary Dispensaries, Mobile veterinary Dispensaries and Minor Veterinary Dispensaries of the State, the Central Veterinary Medical Store and Clinical Lab.
  • Arrange for Purchase, Storage and Supply of Medicines/ Vaccines/ Equipments for the Field Level Institutions by Purchase through e-Procurement.

Joint Director (Poultry)

  • Incharge for Poultry Development Scheme implemented by the Department.
  • Incharge of Poultry Farm at Kariamanickam.
  • Make arrangement for purchase and rearing of Chicks, Turkey Poults for distribution of Farmers at subsidized cost.
  • Shall arrange for purchase of feed and other inputs for Poultry farm and related schemes.
  • Implementation of distribution of 18 weeks old pullets at free of cost to the farmers.

Joint Director (Registrar of Pondicherry Veterinary Council)

  • Act as Registrar of Pondicherry State Veterinary Council, constituted under Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984.
  • Register all Veterinary Graduates who practice Veterinary Profession in U.T. of Puducherry as per the Act.
  • Maintain Register of Veterinary Practitioners in the U.T. of Puducherry and to regulate other aspects of Veterinary Practice and matter related thereto.
  • Convene Council Meeting, submit Periodical Reports to Indian Veterinary Council.
  • Issuing Certificate for the Registered Veterinary Practioner.
  • Also Incharge of Department website.

Joint Director (Regional, Karaikal)

  • Shall function as Head of Office in respect of Karaikal region and assisting the Director. Over all Incharge of Establishment and Account Section.
  • Incharge of all the building and Campus of Animal Husbandry Department at Karaikal Region and its periodical maintenance.
  • Incharge of implementation and monitoring of Schemes at Karaikal.

VAS incharge of Veterinary Dispensary Mahe /Yanam

  • Apart from regular routine works in the Veterinary Dispensary, the VAS will act as Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the offices of the AH&AWD at their region.
  • Head of office for group ‘C’ and ‘D’ staff.
  • Incharge of all plan schemes in their respective region.

Deputy Director (Statistics)

  • Incharge of animal husbandry statistics.
  • Conduct of Livestock census and Integrated Sample Survey for estimation of Major Livestock products of Milk, egg and meat
  • In addition to this all other statistical data required by other departments are also provided by this cell.