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Department History

Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare Department

Origin of the Department


             In 1935, the French Administration created a cell in the Public Health Department for the treatment of animals. An officer attended the Animal Health Services during the outbreak of contagious diseases. To start with, it was manned by informers, male nurses and home despairs of the medical department. A law was promulgated during 1937 under the authority of the Mayor of the Municipality to look after public health including cattle welfare, an inspection of slaughter houses, market places, etc., In order to carry out the function, officers were posted in all regions. These establishments were under the control of Senior Surgeon. During 1945, the Veterinary wing functioned in the premises of Government Pharmacy, later moved to the premises of Subbaraya Pillai Choultry in Orlayanpet. The officer-in-charge of the wing was redesignated as Veterinary Surgeon. During 1948, another Veterinary Dispensary was opened in Karaikal to look after the treatment of animals and slaughter houses and since then the services of Veterinary Doctors were obtained from neighboring states.

Functions of the Department

The main focus of the Department is to safeguard the health of domestic animals and to sustain and improve the productivity of farm animals. The efforts of the Department since its inception were therefore directed towards the development of necessary infrastructure throughout the Union Territory for extending Veterinary health coverage and breeding facilities. There is another aspect that is equally important is to make available the adequate quantity of animal protein for the growing population and to improve the income of the rural poor in non-plant production activities has been taken up on a priority basis.