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V I S I O N    &    M I S S I O N




  • To Protect, Strengthen, and Improve animal health services.

  • Sustainable Growth of Livestock & Poultry for Nutritional Security & Economic Prosperity.

  • To Increase Production and Productivity of Livestock & Poultry.

  • To Increase Farmer's Income.




  • To impart entrepreneurship oriented skill development programs to the farmers and students to engage Animal Husbandry occupation.

  • Constant update of knowledge of Veterinarians.

  • Prevention and Control of Livestock & Poultry Diseases.

  • Genetic up-gradation of Livestock & Poultry.

  • Increase Milk, Meat & Egg production.

  • Promotion of Feed & Fodder.

  • Protect Farmers during Livestock Loss.

  • To create farmers on livestock enterprise and to create entrepreneurship.