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The Pondicherry State Veterinary Council






Final Electoral roll (Revised)

List of Amendments (Revised)

The Pondicherry State Veterinary Council


  1. The Puducherry State Veterinary Council is a statutory body, established under the Indian Veterinary Council Act (52) of 1984
  2. It was introduced in June 1989 and the Register for the Veterinary Practitioner was opened in November 1992
  3. As of date there are 409 Veterinary Graduates and 21 internees have registered in the Puducherry State Veterinary Council Veterinary Practitioners register and its details are enclosed
  4. It is mandatory for all Veterinary graduates who practice the Veterinary profession in the Union Territory of Puducherry to be registered in the PSVC Veterinary Practitioner register
  5. Temporary registration is given to the internees of Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Science for the period of internship
  6. It is empowered to monitor and oversee the practice of the Veterinary profession in the UT of Puducherry
  7. The guiding principles of professional ethics and conduct enunciated by the PSVC are binding on all the Veterinary Practitioners
  8. The Veterinary Council (Professional Efficiency Development ) is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme with 100% Grant-in-aid

Under The Scheme Professional Efficiency Development Through The Pondicherry State Veterinary Council.

Continuing Veterinary education to the Veterinary professionals.


  1. Provisional registration of graduates
  2. Registration of graduates
  3. Application for Renewal of Registration
  4. Registration of Additional Qualification of Graduates
  5. Application For Transfer From One State To Another
  6. Conduct of PSVC meeting regularly for the above-mentioned purpose
  7. Training Programme for Veterinarians
  8. Training Programme for Para-Veterinary personnel
  9. Preparing and distributing information regarding various professional activities – continuing