Joint Director (AH) – Animal Husbandry.

1.      Function as Head of office and overall incharge of Establishment and Account’s section of the Department.

2.      Incharge of all the buildings in the Department and the campus of Animal Husbandry Department and he shall arrange the periodical maintenance.

3.      Countersign the contingent Bills, rent bills of Telephone bills and assign works to Ministerial Staff.

Joint Director (Calf Rearing)

1.      Implementation of Calf rearing Scheme supply of Calf feed and cattle feed to farmers at subsidized rates.

2.      RKVY- Stall fed Goat Farm scheme

3.      Distribution of a Unit of 5 female goats and a male goat to Below Poverty Line Scheduled Caste Beneficiaries at Free of Cost scheme.

4.      Distribution of One Milch Cow to BPL (SC) Woman Head of Family at Free of Cost Scheme.

5.      Nodal Officer of National Livestock Mission.

6.      NLM-Risk Management and Insurance.

7.      Nodal Officer for Disaster Management during Natural Calamities.

Joint Director (Cattle Development)

1.      Incharge of Cattle Development Programme and Infertility Control Schemes of Livestock.

2.      Collect application forms from farmers and select them for Distribution and Development of Sheep and Goat Schemes.

3.      Nodal Officer for SCSP Schemes.

4.      Incharge of Fodder Development in U.T of Puducherry.

5.      Incharge of selection of subsidy of Improved Cattle Shed Schemes.

Joint Director (Animal Disease Surveillance)

1.      Incharge for Surveillance of Communicable Disease and Specific Infections and follow up. Responsible for arrangement of study and record the Epidemiology of Disease.

2.      Take appropriate action for notification of disease in Epidemics and arrive at Diagnosis and arrange Vaccination.

3.      Incharge of Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccination.

4.      Liaison Officer for Epidemic with Government of India Agencies.


Joint Director (Livestock Production)

1.      Incharge of Cross Breeding Programme and supply of required inputs for the Programme.

2.      Look after the Conduct of Calf Rallies under Key Village Schemes.

3.      Responsible for supply of Medicines Frozen Semen and other stock to KVC Block and key Village Units. Overall incharge of Key Village Units in UT of Puducherry.

4.      Incharge for Procurement of Frozen Semen and Liquid Nitrogen and |Control of Frozen Semen Bank.

5.      Incharge for settle of Assistance to Farmers Under “Assistance to uninsured animal scheme”.


Joint Director (Rinderpest Eradication Scheme)

1.      Incharge for monitoring any new outbreaks of Rinderpest Disease by Utilizing the Border Check Post.

2.      Incharge and Conduct of Cattle Shows, Poultry Shows and Dog Shows.

3.      Incharge of extension wing of the Department. Arranging Tableau during National Important Days.

4.      Incharge for Notification of Events by Press release, TV Network


Joint Director (Livestock Health)

1.      Overall Incharge of all the veterinary Dispensaries, Mobile veterinary Dispensaries and Minor Veterinary Dispensaries of the State, the Central Veterinary Medical Store and Clinical Lab.

2.      Arrange for Purchase, Storage and Supply of Medicines/ Vaccines/ Equipments for the Field Level Institutions by Purchase through e-Procurement.


Joint Director (Poultry)


1.      Incharge for Poultry Development Scheme implemented by the Department.

2.      Incharge of Poultry Farm at Kariamanickam.

3.      Make arrangement for purchase and rearing of Chicks, Turkey Poults for distribution of Farmers at subsidized cost.

4.      Shall arrange for purchase of feed and other inputs for Poultry farm and related schemes.

5.      Implementation of distribution of 18 weeks old pullets at free of cost to the farmers.


Joint Director (Registrar of Pondicherry Veterinary Council)


1.      Act as Registrar of Pondicherry State Veterinary  Council, constituted under Indian Veterinary Council  Act 1984.

2.      Register all Veterinary Graduates who practice Veterinary Profession in U.T. of Puducherry as per the Act.

3.      Maintain Register of Veterinary Practitioners in the U.T. of Puducherry and to regulate other aspects of Veterinary Practice and matter related thereto.

4.      Convene Council Meeting, submit Periodical Reports to Indian Veterinary Council.

5.      Issuing Certificate for the Registered Veterinary Practioner.

6.      Also Incharge of Department website.


Joint Director (Regional, Karaikal)


1.      Shall function as Head of Office in respect of Karaikal region and assisting the Director.  Over all Incharge of Establishment and Account Section.

2.      Incharge of all the building and Campus of Animal Husbandry Department at Karaikal Region and its periodical maintenance.

3.      Incharge of implementation and monitoring of Schemes at Karaikal.


VAS incharge of Veterinary Dispensary Mahe /Yanam


1.      Apart from regular routine works in the Veterinary Dispensary, the VAS will act as Drawing and Disbursing  Officer of the offices of the AH&AWD at their region. 

2.      Head of office for group ‘C’ and ‘D’ staff.

3.       Incharge of all plan schemes in their respective region.


Deputy Director (Statistics)


1.      Incharge of animal husbandry statistics. 

2.      Conduct of Livestock census and Integrated  Sample Survey for estimation of Major Livestock products of Milk, egg and meat  

3.       In addition to this all other statistical data required by other departments are also provided by this cell.